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Advantages of eLearning for Corporate Learning and Development

Advantages of eLearning for Corporate Learning and Development

Corporate learning and development opportunities are key to organizational growth and employee fulfilment, but delivering consistent, accessible, quality workplace training can be a challenge for many firms.

However, there is an answer…eLearning!

E-learning has been proven to increase retention rates by up to 60% (compared to 8-10% for traditional learning methods) while also offering learners the opportunity to progress at their own pace, which benefits both the employer, and the employee.

If you still aren’t convinced about the benefits of eLearning, we’ve compiled even more advantages below…



1. eLearning Saves Employers time and Money (and the environment)

There was a time when corporate learning and development involved lots of travel – either the trainer had to travel to your workplace, or your employees had to travel to a centre of learning.

The high costs involved with travel and accommodation, or venues and learning materials, were often enough to persuade many employers that it didn’t make financial sense to offer training as frequently as they’d like.

However, eLearning (learning available online) negates the need for all this by offering content which is available anytime and anywhere.

Learners can access their online course via their mobile while on their lunchbreak, or on their laptop from the comfort of their sofa at home – there’s no travel expenses incurred by the employer, and the lack of travelling means it’s better for the environment too!




2. eLearning Improves Employee Retention

A global survey conducted among employees in 2021 found the majority of respondents believed learning is key to success in their career.

Firms which actively promote learning and development opportunities for their employees find that productivity increases, employee satisfaction grows, and employees become more loyal.

This last point is especially relevant in today’s economic climate as high staff turnover frequently leads to increased costs for employers.

Offering learning and development initiatives for employees encourages loyalty by showing staff you’re prepared to invest in their future.

This also has a bonus element; employees who are well-trained and loyal tend to progress within the firm, becoming the managers and leaders of tomorrow.


3. eLearning offers Individuality for Learning

Possibly one of the greatest advantages of eLearning is its ability to offer individuality and autonomy for learners.

Learners are able to set their own goals, timelines, and even course selection, which allows learners to progress at their own pace and choose their course pathway.

They decide what they learn and when – they have control and autonomy over their learning and development – they then stay invested and engaged with their learning.

These factors have also been shown improve learning retention rates by up to 60%


4. eLearning offers Consistency

With face-to-face learning, individual instructors will teach using different methods and processes.

They each have varying approaches to course content, learning styles, and techniques for engaging learners.

Personality clashes with particular learners, compatibility of teaching and learning techniques, or moving through content at an irregular speed, can mean that some learners may get left behind, content skipped, or learners become disengaged.

eLearning eliminates all of these potential issues as courses are standardized and consistent.

Every learner will access the same information (no matter where or when they take the course) but they can access it when it suits them, and as often as needed. If a learner doesn’t grasp something the first-time round, they are able to go back through that particular section.

eLearning is also unique in its ability to keep students engaged due to the types of content.

For example, many learners prefer bite-sized content with which they can interact (often called gamified content) and eLearning is the perfect platform for this type of content.


The advantages of eLearning for corporate learning and development are clear and much research has been completed (especially since the pandemic) which supports these views.

If you’re considering introducing eLearning into your corporate development and training programmes, talk to a member of the Creative Word Training team now to find out how we can help you.

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