Are your Leaders Fit for a Global Future?
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April 27, 2022
Are your Leaders Fit for a Global Future?
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June 15, 2022

Are your Leaders Fit for a Global Future?

Are your Leaders Fit for a Global Future?

You’re looking to export your brand globally, and everything seems to be in place for the expansion, but are your leaders fit for your global future?

This is one of the most critical elements to a successful global business and is key to building solid relationships with a new audience, and your overseas team, yet it is often overlooked (or considered only as an afterthought when problems begin to arise).

Evidence suggests that leaders account for up to 70% variance in team engagement and can heavily affect employee well-being, customer satisfaction, and brand success.

And, according to another report online “Successful firms know that a skilled and developed workforce is key to delivering organisation outcomes. Recruiting, developing, and retaining the right skills is an important element of people practice. To remain relevant in a challenging labour market, organisations must think strategically about how they invest in and develop human capital: the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the workforce.”

So, how can you ensure your leaders are fit for a global future?

Read on to find out…

Identify the Global Skills your Leaders Require

Building a globally competent team begins with identifying the skills they will need, and which fit the environment within which they will operate.

For example, there are some leadership traits which are transferable such as, empathy and creativity, but there are others which vary depending upon the working situation including, communicating in a multicultural environment, or managing challenging behaviour.

Overseas teams will act and react differently to those in your home territory, so it is vital your leaders are equipped to cope with these changes and challenges.

The location and setting of your overseas team will determine the skills your leaders require, but there are a few key points which should be considered no matter where they will be located:

• How does the new culture/location affect leadership roles?

• What strengths do existing leaders have in the area that makes them successful?

• What experience will be necessary for the overseas role?

• What personality traits will be most beneficial in the new territory?

• How can the organization ease the transition to a different society and culture?

The answers to these questions will require research, and continuing effort to ensure you have the right people, with the right skills in place for your global expansion.

If you find there are skills which your leaders are lacking, the next point offers a solution…



Train your Team

Training is one of the most important elements for ensuring your team is ready to go global.

Leaders, especially those working with overseas teams, require support and training to evolve and develop the required skills for working within a different cultures and markets.

Global ready leaders must understand unconscious bias, appreciate different working methods, ensure equality and diversity, and grasp societal differences which will affect their teams and their customers.

Knowledgeable and experienced leaders understand the desired organizational outcome, and how to help their team reach their full potential in order to achieve this.

Well-trained leaders are the first link in the chain and help to ease every turn of the wheel from the starting block.

Training should be relevant, dedicated, and accessible so that your team, and your leaders, are able to learn in a way which suits them and will have the best results.


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