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January 10, 2021

Superlative Skills for Successful Entrepreneurs of the Future

The working world has changed dramatically over the last year; the Coronavirus (Covid-19) has affected all our lives leading to remote working practises, virtual meetings, restricted
December 24, 2020

UAE Introduce Progressive Reforms which will Benefit Expats

The United Arab Emirates are widely regarded as one of the most progressive Middle Eastern domains and recently announced reforms will mean that life for expats
December 17, 2020

What is Unconscious Bias?

Unconscious bias relates to the social stereotyping we all subconsciously undergo in certain situations, or with individuals outside of our own culture group, and is thought
December 8, 2020

Personal Branding Tips for Lawyers

When we think about branding, we automatically bring to mind the visual elements connected to a brand such as, logos, taglines and colour-schemes but there is
November 25, 2020

How Cultural Awareness Makes you a Better Lawyer

Good Lawyers are culturally aware; they communicate effectively with people from different countries or backgrounds, understand the unique perspective of their clients, and really ‘get’ what
November 15, 2020

How to Give and Receive Feedback Effectively

Giving and receiving feedback can be a fraught experience; if you are the one giving feedback then you can be concerned about coming across as too
November 5, 2020

A Lawyers Guide to Good Time Management

There are days when everything goes according to plan, and then there are days when nothing runs smoothly, meetings run over schedule, emails are left unanswered
October 27, 2020

Smart Strategies for Creating Inclusive Workplaces

Many organizations state diversity and inclusion policies as core business principles, yet stating a case doesn’t necessarily make it so. Implementing a company-wide policy that promotes
October 18, 2020

Top 5 Soft Skills for a Successful Law Career

Soft skills are the abilities and professional talents that make a good lawyer into a great one, complementing finely honed legal expertise and ensuring positive working
October 8, 2020

5 Ways to Encourage Resilience at Work

Research commissioned by the UK-based mental health charity Mind, has found that work is the most stressful factor in people’s lives with one in three people
September 27, 2020

Five Factors Required for Effective Online Learning

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the majority of workplace learning from the classroom to virtual online platforms. While this is seen as a positive move by
September 14, 2020

The Value of Training and Professional Development

Training is vital for every company, especially in the current financial climate which necessitates high employee performance and production, exceptional customer service, and high staff retention,