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November 23, 2022

Why Cross-Cultural Training for the UAE is Essential for Expats

The UAE offers a unique business and regional structure where fewer than 20% of residents are native to the Emirati, and where understanding the laws, business
November 9, 2022

Advantages of eLearning for Corporate Learning and Development

Corporate learning and development opportunities are key to organizational growth and employee fulfilment, but delivering consistent, accessible, quality workplace training can be a challenge for many
October 18, 2022

Introduction to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Non-Fungible Tokens (more commonly known as NFTs) are virtual assets such as art, which are bought and sold online, often using cryptocurrencies. They have gained a
September 26, 2022

What is Business Process Mapping and What are the Benefits?

Large organizations have been ‘process mapping’ for many years but not everyone is familiar with the techniques and even among those who are, many still don’t
September 16, 2022

Leverage LinkedIn to Promote your Personal Brand

Learning how to leverage LinkedIn to promote your personal brand is vital for ensuring you (and your company) stand out from the crowd. As the world’s
August 17, 2022

Working in a Multicultural Team

Working in a multicultural team can be rewarding, inspiring, and highly productive when everything is going well, and everyone is getting along. However, it can also
June 29, 2022

5 Key Characteristics of Supportive Leadership

You expect your team make things happen but without the right leadership in place to support and guide; people, performance, and profits can suffer. Supportive leadership
June 15, 2022

Study Finds Employee Engagement Linked to Management Ability

We all know good managers can be hard to find but a study by Gallup has shown that “bad managers cost businesses billions of dollars each
May 19, 2022

Are your Leaders Fit for a Global Future?

You’re looking to export your brand globally, and everything seems to be in place for the expansion, but are your leaders fit for your global future?
April 27, 2022

Avoid the ‘Great Resignation’ – Retain and Attract Top Talent

The Covid-19 pandemic showed us there is a more to life than just work, work, work, and started what has come to be known as the
April 12, 2022

Soft Skills Courses your Organization Needs Now

Over the last few years workplaces have changed; managerial ‘soft’ skills that were once overlooked are now recognized as vital due to their ability to maintain
March 30, 2022

How does CLPD Help Lawyers Advance their Career?

Continuing Legal Professional Development (CLPD) helps lawyers advance their careers and plays an important part in staying abreast of economic, social, technological, and legal changes affecting