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Build Positive Relationships for Improved Customer Experience in 2022

Customer Service Essentials - E-Learning

If the Covid pandemic has taught us anything it is that relationships still matter, and this is especially relevant within client relationships and customer experience.

In 2022, customers will be loyal to your brand based on the experience they receive – they aren’t just looking for a great product or reasonable price – they want to be treated well, rewarded for brand loyalty, and expect a personal experience which is relevant and consistent across all channels.

Customer Experience (CX) is the new number 1 priority for business.

This is especially relevant in the UAE where customers are notoriously difficult to impress and where almost 70% of consumers demand “great customer service”.

But what does a good customer service look like and how can firms achieve it?

Read on to find out…



How to Achieve Good Customer Experience

Good customer experience is more than just offer great products on an easy to navigate website with flawless ordering and returns, it is about knowing your customer, fulfilling their needs, and engaging with them on a personal level.

According to Vincent Giborees, PwC Data Architect “Retail is no longer about transactions but now about the overall “experience”- and it needs to be consistent and relevant across all channels and interactions be they physical or digital”.

Customer experience relates to your customers’ opinion regarding how your company treats them; it can affect customers’ purchasing behaviour, brand perception and brand loyalty.

If a customer enjoys a positive experience when shopping with you or using your services, they will continue to do business with you, promote your brand (through word-of-mouth and on social media) and they will become loyal customers over the long term who are happy to pay more for the privilege of great customer experience (according to research as many as 34% of consumers will pay more for products from their preferred brand).

Customer experience, and what drives customer loyalty, has changed over recent years according to experts:

“Traditionally, customer loyalty was seen as customers being rewarded for repeat purchases. Nowadays, ‘new loyalty’ is all about understanding customers through the information they give to the retailers. Omni-channels allow retailers to gather information and gain insights into their customers. Retailers can use this information to know what their customers want and respond to it by creating personalised promotions and offers when designing their loyalty strategies”

It doesn’t matter what line of business you’re in, improving customer experience is vital for success.



How Training Improves Customer Experience

We’ve established that customers expect to receive a personalised, positive experience when buying your goods or services, and that a consistent omni-channel approach is vital.

Training your team to ensure they can collect, process, and analyze data relating to induvial customers, and then act upon these findings by fulfilling the customers’ needs is essential in ensuring this consistency whether this is online, in-person, via an app, or on a mobile device.

Investing in customer experience training will ensure your team can:

Overcome difficult customer/client situations

• Understand how personalities affect interactions

• Anticipate and prepare for a positive customer experience

• Develop awareness of cultural differences

• Communicate effectively and clearly

Influence clients/customers

• Understand negotiation techniques and when to use them

Build and maintain positive relationship with customers


At Creative Word Training, we know how vital customer experience is, which is why our clients use our services time and again.

We welcome feedback from our clients and would love to hear about your experiences with us in the comments section below.

For more information on improving customer experience within your firm, please contact a member of our team here, or check out our dedicated course pages here.