November 24, 2021
Developing Team Trust - E-Learning

An Introduction to Legal Project Management

Project management is no new thing – for decades, many large organisations have realized the importance project management principles play in planning, handling clients, solving problems,
November 10, 2021
Managing Risk - E-Learning

How Crisis Management Training Promotes Business Continuity

Every business will experience a crisis as some point, be it due to external influences such as, the covid pandemic, or internal ones such as, looming
October 13, 2021
Essentials of Equality & Diversity - E-Learning

How to Create a Harmonious Global Workforce

Working with clients, stakeholders and employees from all over the world is standard in today’s global business arena, but ensuring this works well for everyone involved
September 9, 2021
Introduction to Legal Technology

Effective Steps for Supporting the Transition from In-Person Training to eLearning

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the already growing trend away from in-person, classroom-based learning to eLearning, yet not every firm, or employee, is ready to fully