Choosing the Right Training Provider for your Organization
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Choosing the Right Training Provider for your Organization

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Training often consumes a considerable portion of your organization’s budget, especially when you consider, on-boarding, continuing professional development, IT upgrades, or even industry expansion, so it is essential to choose the right training provider for your organization and requirements.

However, with so many different providers to choose between, and a myriad of course options, choosing the right training provider can be a bit of a minefield!

This blog offers helpful and practical advice on choosing the right training provider for your organization – read on to find out more…



1. Do they Understand your Industry?

The question which should be top of your list is “do they understand your industry?”
This can be ascertained through the following questions:

• Who are their previous/existing clients?

• Do they offer specialist training in your field?

• Do they have accreditation to professional bodies within your industry?

• What industry qualifications/experience do their trainers hold?

• Are the qualifications/certifications gained from their training relevant to your organization and industry?

If you can answer yes to all, or even most of these questions, you have checked out links to professional accreditation, and assessed their trainers, then they will likely be a good fit for your organization in terms of fulfilling industry knowledge.

Create a short list of training providers using the questions above and then move onto the following points to narrow this down even further.



2. Do they Offer a Variety of Learning Options?

Training providers now have a multitude of options for delivering their training courses.
Check what options are available from your short list of industry specialist providers (see above questions) and decide which options best suit your team and organization.

Professional and reputable training providers should offer the following:


Classroom Based

Online Live Sessions


On Demand

Courses should also include content which actively engages learners and encourages learning retention such as:

• Video content

• Audio content

• Quizzes

• Case studies

• Interactive sessions

• Gamification

• Effective feedback

Training providers should offer comprehensive courses which cater for market trends, alongside well-established content.

It is also essential to check that the courses selected by your organization will cover all the content necessary for your team – it should be relevant, fitting and rewarding.




3. Are they a Good Fit for your Organization?

Once you have established that the training provider understands your industry and offers quality courses with relevant content, the final question which will really help you choose a training provider is if they are a good fit for your organization?

This can be a little subjective but you might want to consider the following points:

• Are the helpful at every level of engagement – for example, are they prompt at returning calls?

• Do they understand your training needs and objectives – do they ask relevant questions and clearly outlined how they can meet these?

• Can they customise content – if they don’t offer exactly what you want, can they work with you to achieve this?

• Are their courses fairly priced – you know what your training budget is; are the courses affordable, good value for money, within your budget, and fairly priced considering all the above information?



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