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July 31, 2019
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Corporate Training Boosts Workplace Productivity

5S - Transform Your Workplace in 5 Steps - E-Learning

In recent years, the benefits of corporate training have begun to be more clearly defined and understood; they can help with improving ‘soft skills’ such as, time management, leadership roles, or conflict resolution, and they can also assist with issues like, cultural awareness or cultural training, all of which can boost productivity within the workplace.

Helping every employee reach their potential, both in terms of their own character, and also, their role within the company, should be the aim of businesses if they wish to prosper. A happy employee is a productive employee.

Well-trained, educated, knowledgeable, and satisfied staff, are more effective and productive than those who are confused, ill-informed, and lack self-confidence.

If you want to increase productivity within the workplace then corporate training is the way to go, and here’s how, and why…


Training Increases Productivity Statistics

According to an article by Forbes online at the start of 2019 “healthy and engaged employees, in concert with a strong workplace culture, are the secret sauce for business success”.

The statistics quoted in the article include the following excerpts:

1. Highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability

2. 89% of HR leaders agree that ongoing peer feedback and check-ins are key for successful outcomes

3. Employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work

4. 96% of employees believe showing empathy is an important way to advance employee retention

5. 87% of employees expect their employer to support them in balancing work and personal commitments

Highly engaged teams – those teams that have clear expectations from their employers and have been offered the “tools and support” to do their best work in order to fulfil these expectations – have reduced absenteeism (down by 41%) and lower turnover of staff (down by 59%).

Engaged employees show up every day for work, work with passion, enthusiasm and purpose, and show an amazing 21% increase in productivity!

Corporate training gives employees the ‘tools and support’ they need to perform their work with confidence, ability and satisfaction.


New Skills for Employees

One of the main ways that employees are able to increase productivity within the workplace after completing training is through the acquisition of new skills.

They are better able to cope with new technologies, changes in working methods, variations in work situations, and working with people from different cultures or backgrounds.

Employees also understand, that by offering training, the company they work for places a value in their advancement and growth, and is willing to support them to achieve the desired outcome.


Engaged Employees

Providing training to all employees (not just the new ones who need to learn ‘on the job’ skills) while also ensuring that those in leadership roles are able to successfully mentor and support employees both during and after training, offers employees a safe, nurturing base from which their skills and abilities can grow, and guarantees high staff engagement continues after training.

Follow up training courses with feedback and recognition sessions to encourage morale, and remind employees that there is a purpose and meaning in both their work and training.

Employee engagement should be a central part of business strategy and linked to training courses for leadership and management roles. In this way, these concepts and strategies can then filter down to the bulk of your employees.


Confident Employees

The acquisition of new skills and talents can greatly boost the confidence of employees.

Training that enables an employee to perform their duties with ease, making them feel prepared and knowledgeable, and giving them a sense of confidence in their own abilities, will build their self-esteem, allowing them to feel more secure in their working environment, more resilient, and better able to express their views or opinions.

This in turn, benefits the employer as confident employees are able to use their initiative, influence others, produce better work, and are more productive in general.

Training can be utilised to build confidence through courses such as, leadership and management, conflict resolution, effective communication, problem solving, and so on, as often these courses work to build self-awareness and awareness of others, which assists with personal growth.


Employee Satisfaction and Reduced Turnover of Staff

The final key to improved productivity through corporate training is employee satisfaction.

Employee satisfaction is intimately linked to reduced turnover of staff, as happy employees tend to stay with the company that makes them feel valued and respected.

Content employees are created when they are given the chance to improve their skill sets, gain recognition for their achievements, and when they feel supported by those in leadership roles.

Corporate training is a far cheaper alternative than training new staff, paying termination of contract fees and recruiting new employees!

Retaining your top employees is easy if you ensure they have everything they require to ensure their growth and satisfaction.

As inspirational speaker, Zig Zigler once said “The only thing worse than training employees and losing them, is to not train them and keep them”.

Your fully trained, confident, satisfied staff will help you reap the benefits of their training through their successful endeavours for your company.

If you would like to find out more about how productivity can be increased through training, please contact us at Creative Word Training and we’ll share our expertise with you.