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August 29, 2019
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August 29, 2019
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Blockchain, Digital Currencies, ICOs

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Blockchain has gained significant attention since serving as public transaction ledger for the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. However, the application of Blockchain as a powerful underlying technology reaches far beyond its use for cryptocurrency.

The course shall:
• Revisit the key concepts behind Blockchain or Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), how it works and its application across businesses and organisations.
• Revisit the topic of digital currencies, explore tokenization and coin offerings, ITO/ICOs (Initial Token/Coin Offerings).
• Provide details on key stages of an ITO/ICO.
• Understand use of Blockchain relating to DApps, Smart Contracts, Supply Chain.
• Provide regulatory perspective on Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
• Provide a Lawyers perspective on different jurisdictions on the technology.


This is a CLPD Accredited Course: 4 Points


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