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April 8, 2019
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Coaching Skills – E-Learning

AED 100.00


Course Overview

Coaching has become an essential ingredient of leadership required to produce the best teams in the workplace. Only a great leader can be a great coach! This eLearning training course is designed to help managers and team leaders achieve great results through effective coaching skills.

Key Learning Points:

  • Learn the difference between learner and coach centred behaviours
  • Learn how to help learners work out their own solutions?
  • Learn new tips on coaching skills that would take your team to next level

Course Outcomes:

  • Differentiate between learner and coach centred techniques
  • Use learner centred behaviours to “pull” the process forward – showing understanding, drawing out through questioning, helping the learner work out their own solutions, asking the learner for feedback
  • Use coach centred behaviours to “push” the process forward – giving advice, sharing experiences, giving feedback, stating expectations
  • Understand what skills need to be developed to become a great coach

Target Audience

Managers and Team Leaders


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