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Contract Termination

AED 1,000.00

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The aim of this course is to understand how to lawfully terminate a contract in the UAE, how to design contractual termination clauses accordingly, and how to formulate potential termination-related claims. By the end of this course, you will have an understanding of the following:

  • All key features of termination of contracts in the UAE

  • The different regimes of termination of contracts being a consensual termination or a judicial termination

  • The revocation of contract and an appreciation of the difference between revocation and termination

  • The legal controversy around unilateral termination for convenience

  • The termination regime of the contracts of works, or the so called Muqawala contracts The effect of termination on Contractual damages and a number of other significant clauses.
This is a CLPD Accredited Course: 2 Points


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