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August 16, 2020
June 21, 2021
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Leading the Multi-Generational Firm – Part 1

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“A true leader is one who creates a favourable environment to bring out the energy and ability of his team. A great leader creates more great leaders, and does not reduce the institution to a single person.” ~ Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Flashes of Thought

The top 10 skills for 2020 as predicted by the World Economic Forum include emotional intelligence, people management, and coordinating with others.

This course will help you successfully navigate relationships within the law firm, understand different leadership styles, and to manage not only your subordinates, but also upwards and sideways.

Leadership is not just for those in partnership or management roles, but can include leading from the middle or even the bottom and learning how to manage up.


This course will help you:
• Develop an awareness of different leadership styles and to hone your own leadership style.
• Understand how to better motivate and communicate as a leader.
• Learn how to successful manage up and down (relationships with both your managers and subordinates).
• Become a better employee, manager, coach, and mentor.
• Navigate the multi-generational law firm by understanding different generations and their needs.

This course is CLPD Accredited: 2 Points


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