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October 24, 2017
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Legal Consultant Accounts – E-Learning

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As a part of the Ethics curriculum, this Legal Consultants Accounts online course was developed to provide UAE lawyers with an overview of the key principles relating to legal consultant accounts. During the course of acting for a client, a lawyer will most likely handle money on behalf of that client. As such, the lawyer and law firm must take appropriate steps to ensure that these monies are sufficiently protected and in certain cases separated from all other monies that the firm handles.The objectives of this course are:

  • To introduce and familiarise lawyers with the concept of client and general monies within a law firm
  • To identify the duties and obligations that the lawyers owe to clients and the rights of the clients in respect of their money
  • To understand best practice when dealing with client monies and the duties of the lawyer in respect of these monies
  • To recognise where breaches can occur and what can be done to avoid these breaches

Upon completion of this online course, you will understand the importance of adequate client money handling, best practices in dealing with and protecting client monies.

This is a CLPD Accredited Course: 2 Points


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