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October 24, 2017
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Living and Working in the UAE – Bespoke


One of the key factors for a successful expatriate
assignment is the family’s ability to adapt to their host location. Expatriate
relocation training is helpful as it helps the assignee and family prepare for
the move and provides a framework on aspects surrounding daily life for the
spouse who is often in need of support after the assignee has settled into
their role. 

This course is aimed at assignees and their families looking
to relocate to the UAE or those who have recently relocated. 

This course aims to prepare individuals and their families
for their new life in the UAE, help them understand the country’s culture,
people, values, practicalities involved with business culture as well as
practicalities in daily life. The course content is tailored according to the
client’s needs and requests. 

The course will cover the following key topics: 

  • Developing cultural self-awareness
  • Culture shock and developing effective coping strategies
  • Personal and professional adjustment issues and challenges
  • Developing an understanding of UAE values, customs and etiquette and their possible impact on work and social life
  • UAE history, politics, economy, etiquette and social norms
  • Working in the UAE 
  • Daily life in the UAE
  • Tips for a successful relocation.


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