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Particular Clauses of the FIDIC Red Book – Classroom

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This is the second course on the FIDIC Red Book, with Employer’s Design, and is designed to follow on from the first, which was an Introduction to the FIDIC Red Book.
This second course concentrates on certain specific clauses of the Red Book which cause problems in practice. This course is intended for those who are already familiar with the FIDIC Red Book. The slides relate to specific contentious clauses of the Red Book, highlighting what the issues are, what problems they cause and how to deal with them. Participants are invited to ask questions and to seek clarification as necessary. Given that this course is designed for more experienced practitioners, participants are invited to enrich the discussion with comments from their own experience, with the intention of achieving a conversation, rather than a lecture. The length of the course is two hours. Participants are encouraged to bring a copy of the FIDIC Red Book with them.

The subjects addressed in the Course are:

  • Particular Conditions Contractor’s Design Obligations
  • Security Provided by the Contractor Security Provided by the Employer
  • Accepted Contract Amount Contract Price
  • Contractor’s Programme Engineer’s Duties
  • Carrying out the Works Sub-Contractors
  • Extensions of Time Liquidated Damages
  • Variations Retention
  • Contractor’s Suspension Contractor’s Termination
  • Limitations on Liability Claims and Disputes
This is a CLPD Accredited Course: 2 Points


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