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Presentation Skills – Overcoming Nerves and Presenting with Confidence

AED 335.00



One of the keys to great presentation skills is confidence. This course will guide you on the integral elements of what makes an engaging presentation as well as showing you techniques to improve your skills and tips for overcoming nerves. You will also create a personal action plan so you can monitor your presentation skills and see how they improve in many different aspects of your life. This course will ask you to reflect on your existing presentation skills and look at why these skills are so important. You will learn about the 4 Ps of presenting and how to organise your presentation with the 3 Ws – techniques that will enable you to structure a great presentation time and time again.


Upon completion you will:

  • Understand what makes an effective presentation and know how to plan and deliver one
  • Have a personal action plan to improve your own presentations
  • Know how to overcome nerves and issues


This Presentation Skills Training course is suitable for those in all levels, industries and sectors because it looks at the mechanics of presenting and the skills required, rather than content.

Duration: 40 minutes


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