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The goal of this course is to give more detailed and advanced insight into trademark law and strategies in setting and protecting trademarks and how they interact with the law in the real world.  While we will try to focus on UAE and Dubai issues, however we will have to also discuss other jurisdictions since at this point, the course attendees must be able to assist clients in protecting their trademarks not just in the UAE, but also beyond.


Areas Covered: 

  • UAE IP Law
  • Classification of Trademarks
  • Trademarks vs Tradenames
  • Registered vs unregistered trademarks
  • Trademark strategy
  • Trade dress
  • Acquired distinctiveness/secondary meaning
  • Trademark searches
  • Filing trademarks
  • Substantive examination
  • Licensing and assignment
  • Trademark infringement
  • Counterfeits
  • Other risks

This course is CLPD Accredited: 2 Points


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