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Understanding the Autonomous Nature of International Commercial Arbitration and Drafting Valid Arbitration Agreements

AED 2,000.00

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The course will be delivered by experienced senior lecturers from the University of East Anglia.

International commercial arbitration has become the preferred option for resolving international commercial disputes. It has increasingly seen greater recognition in the UAE, made possible by the introduction of new Arbitration law (2018), and an active role by arbitral institutions in Dubai and elsewhere within the UEA. The course will outline key foundational principles of arbitration under international practice, such as the extent of autonomy theory and validity of arbitration agreement, and highlight the challenges in the theory and practice of international arbitration in the UAE. The course will also touch on the importance of having a well drafted arbitration agreement and the practical problems that can arise where an arbitration agreement is not properly drafted.  The course will be good for those who are not experienced in arbitration, and for those who have good foundation but seek to learn more about the contentious issues relating to the validity of an arbitration agreement. The unique teaching approach of the course through traditional teaching and problem solving will help achieve the course learning outcomes across diverging abilities among the participants.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the nature and the foundation of arbitration
  • Understanding the role of party autonomy in arbitration
  • The clash of autonomy theory with public policy at the seat of arbitration
  • Understanding the key components of a valid arbitration agreement
  • Drafting an enforceable/binding arbitration agreement
  • Assessing the new UAE Federal Law No.6 on Arbitration 2018 (Arbitration Law) in relation to arbitration agreements

This course is CLPD Accredited: 4 points


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