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Working in a Multicultural Team – Bespoke


The workplace of today consists of employees from all parts
of the world, working in the same office or in teams remotely. Working
practices and communication are often tainted by cultural differences. Research
has shown that multicultural teams perform better than monocultural teams if
they are properly managed. A deeper mutual appreciation of cultural differences
is required to leverage the synergies, bridge the cultural gaps and enhance

Our Working in a Multicultural Environment courses are aimed
at managers and staff, and assist businesses in getting the best of out of
their multicultural and remote teams. This course aims to enable the
development of cultural sensitivity, provide valuable information on culturally
diverse work practices, support the development of intercultural communication
skills as well as build an action plan for working effectively in a
multicultural team. The course content is tailored according to the client’s
needs and requests. 

The course will cover the following key topics: 

  • The role of ‘culture’ within the multicultural workplace
  • The concept of culture and how it impacts team development and dynamics – in person and remotely
  • The impact of cultural components on the realisation of the team’s objectives. Subtopics include:
  • Key cultural dimensions eg. Direct/indirect communication, high/low context, etc
  • Using International Business English
  • Cultural profiles for individuals and teams which aims to identify cultural areas which strengthen or weaken the ability of the team to achieve its objectives
  • Virtual communication best practices
  • Methods and tools to increase the ability of the team members to work together effectively and efficiently.


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