How Crisis Management Training Promotes Business Continuity
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How Crisis Management Training Promotes Business Continuity

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Every business will experience a crisis as some point, be it due to external influences such as, the covid pandemic, or internal ones such as, looming deadlines, and while the crisis may be unavoidable, how your team react to and manage the crisis can make all the difference to business continuity.

Developing a crisis management plan is essential but in order for this plan to be successfully implemented, crisis management training must be completed so that your team acts with confidence, understanding and decisiveness.

When crisis strikes, your team must know what to do, when to do it and how to it.

This process begins with training.



What is a Crisis?

Before looking at Crisis Management training in more depth, it is worth defining what a crisis is, how crisis affects your business and what you can do about it.

A crisis is defined as a time of intense difficulty or trouble.

For instance, a crisis might be centred on the overall business structure such as, staff shortages, supply problems or a loss of custom, or it might be of a more personal nature which affects an employee or employees.

Crisis will affect businesses in different ways depending on the unique circumstances but when a company has planned, trained and drilled its team to deal with any crisis, action can be taken quickly and confidently to resolve or overcome the problem and minimise any long-term damage.


What is Crisis Management Training?

Crisis Management Training is a key ingredient in successful management and should not be thought of as a ‘one-off’ experience.

Training which involves the opportunity to revisit concepts is ideal as this keeps ideas fresh and promotes ‘muscle memory’, meaning your teams’ actions become instinctive rather than reactive.

Crisis Management Training is often run alongside Project Management as the two types of training compliment each other by reinforcing concepts, encouraging resilience, highlighting areas for improvement and offering effective methods for implementation.



How Crisis Management Training Helps your Business

Most firms have a plan for when things go wrong but if your management team aren’t familiar with it or it is not embedded into the fabric of your organization, then it will be of little use.

A plan is great, but only when everyone knows what is expected of them and how they must achieve this.

Crisis Management Training provides a framework for the strategy and implementation of support or crisis plans by teaching those in leadership roles to understand risk , advance improvement, engage employees, gain resilience and take decisive, positive action.

Managing and supporting the wider team is vital during times of crisis – everyone will have a role to play so they need to know what is expected of them and how to achieve it.

Crisis management training includes courses such as,  Project Management Training, Resilience for Times of Change and Mindful Leadership  which enable those in leadership roles to think outside the box when crisis strikes in order to work effectively at overcoming the problem while maintaining a positive and proactive attitude.

To find out more about how the team at Creative Word Training can help your organization manage crisis and support your leadership team, please contact us.

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