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February 6, 2019
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February 21, 2019

How FinTech Training can Boost Your Business

How FinTech Training can Boost Your Business

Over the last few years the FinTech industry (Financial Technology) has seen phenomenal growth. The speed with which it is changing how we operate our daily routines, be they personal or business, and the new technologies that are introduced alongside these, can seem almost overwhelming.

That said, keeping up with these new advances is perhaps easier than you might think.

FinTech training is the ideal way to introduce your staff, and your business, to the world of financial technology. Training can cover areas such as, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Blockchain, Billing and Payments, or Bitcoin, and will give you the confidence to face these new advances head on – ensuring that they work for your business, rather than against it.

Many experts have suggested that somewhere between 2 to 6 million jobs are likely to be lost by 2030, as advances in areas such as, AI absorb the need for human input in some sectors, and so early training and comprehension of FinTech can give rise to innovation, increased opportunity and business advances that may otherwise go unnoticed.

The points below explore how FinTech training can help improve your business, ensuring growth and maximum profitability.


Why FinTech Training in Dubai?

The MENA region is well known for being a hub for FinTech. The UAE in particular is among the top 4 regions in the world for FinTech, with 72% of all FinTech start-ups hailing from the MENA region.

Dubai has become a natural leader in the region with the introduction of the HIVE accelerator within the DIFC, and the numerous pioneering tech firms that are located here.

FinTech training in Dubai offers your company the opportunity to develop alongside the forerunners of innovation in this sector, and ensures that this central hub can be used to your advantage.


How FinTech Training Improves Traditional Business Procedures

Traditional business procedures such as payments, banking, customer services, and so on, have all been influenced by FinTech.

Where these procedures have traditionally relied upon human input they are now becoming increasingly influenced by AI, for instance, computer generated money transfer systems, and customer support software now replace many of the tasks that were once time consuming and costly.

Understanding how FinTech can help your company with fraud detection, bitcoin, Blockchain, and so on, is a vital first step to staying ahead of your competition.

Research has suggested that 82% of financial services companies plan to increase their partnerships with FinTech firms over the next few years. This data highlights the growing trend towards automation and FinTech – don’t risk getting left behind.

Key ways that FinTech Training can Improve your Business

The following are two examples of which FinTech training can improve your business once they have been assimilated into your company:

• Instant Payments
Traditional payment methods once took days or even weeks to complete. Now bank transfers, Bitcoin, and business payment methods such as, Revolut, offer instant payments. Understanding technology like this can help your business keep up-to-date with technology, improve returns, and develop customer relations, especially if you are conducting business with people based in different countries with a variety of currencies.

• Artificial Intelligence
One of the main areas that FinTech companies are involved in is AI. This has the potential to completely change how we do business, not only with our customers, but also our suppliers, banks, distributors, and so on.


FinTech training can help you to navigate the fast-changing business world in which we find ourselves, ensuring your company is best placed to move forward with key developments as they arise.

The FinTech training offered by Creative Word Training in Dubai covers areas such as, FinTech Environment, Payment/Billing Technology, Money Transfer Technology, Blockchain & Bitcoin, Capital Markets Technology, and InsurTech.