The Importance of Human Relationships in the Legal Industry
The Importance of Human Relationships in the Legal Industry
January 31, 2019
How to Achieve a More Profitable Business.
How FinTech Training can Boost Your Business
February 11, 2019

How to Achieve a More Profitable Business.

Business Development Tips for Legal Professionals

There are common challenges facing many businesses in today’s world; underperformance, negligence, an undervalued workforce, low-interpersonal skills among leadership, lack of conflict resolution, and so on, all of which can eat away at company profit margins.

However, the majority of these issues are resolvable.

Making a long term investment in your staff in order to increase emotional intelligence, improve leadership qualities, and encourage teamwork between different cultures within the workplace, are all achievable by committing to professional training courses.

One of the main elements thought to increase company profits, which has been discovered through years of research, is the emotional intelligence (EI or emotional quotient EQ) of staff. This emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, recognise and normalise our own, and others’, emotions. The ability to influence, resolve, and prevent potential issues arising is paramount when dealing with customers, clients, and colleagues, or when networking.

The following points highlight how training courses can lead to increased profit, improved customer relations and enhance employee fulfilment:


1. Leadership and Management

Effective leaders should inspire their team to achieve more, and are one of the most important factors to consider when looking at ways to improve profits, encourage high staff morale, and improve business dealings in general.

Investing in training for your management teams is a sure way to guarantee that training methods will filter down through the ranks, and permeate every level of your business.

All alliances, be they personal or organizational, are founded, grown, supported, and encouraged through interactions between individuals and groups. The ability of managers and leaders to provide adequate sustenance for all these relationships depends upon the skills acquired by them over time, and through patience and practice.

The higher the emotional intelligence of your leadership team, the greater their success in business.


2. Multi-cultural Teamwork

Another factor that is worth considering in regards to the ability of your workforce to effectively work together, communicate, innovate, and succeed, is team work.

In today’s multi-cultural workforces there are many differences that must be overcome in order to reduce conflict, improve effectiveness, and encourage team work. These differences might take the form of diverse work practices, behaviour, dress, gender-bias, communication, planning, conflict resolution, religion, and so on.

Once these difference are understood they are far easier for staff to overcome, enabling them to focus on getting the job the done!


3. Soft Skills

Hard skills can be defined as the knowledge you have gained from training for your chosen profession (for example, studying law while at law school), however, soft skills are the talents you develop throughout your lifetime, such as, leadership, the ability to influence others, or asses risks accurately.

Soft skills should be continually developed throughout your career as they assist with many different aspects of business, and can improve emotional intelligence.

They can also encourage a greater sense of well-being among employees as confidence is increased, new ways are learnt to deal with conflict, and depression is relieved. Less time off work is another considerable factor that can contribute to the financial gain.

Research confirms that those organization, and individuals, who have a high emotional intelligence are more productive, more profitable, and more creative than those with a lower EI.

Investing in training for employees doesn’t guarantee business success, but it gives your staff, clients, and your business the best chance for the future.

If you require assistance selecting the appropriate training courses for your business please contact Creative Word, where we are more than happy to discuss tailor-made, bespoke courses, available as E-learning, or classroom based.