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February 11, 2020
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How Translators Support Cyber Security

Translation services providers work with companies from virtually every industry, even though they may appear, superficially, to have little in common.

One such industry is the field of Cyber Security.

Although it may seem that these two disciplines share few similarities or connections, they do unite through the important role of ensuring online security.


How Translation Teams Support the Cyber Security Industry

Translation Services Providers enable online business in every field to connect with customers around the globe through their translation and localization services.

At Creative Word we ensure that all user interfaces are user-friendly and recognizable to all, no matter where they are located in the world, or which language they speak.

For instance, through the use of language translation for websites, customers using a Windows system are able to recognize the start button or which prompt button to use to navigate a translated website.

If a computer user cannot recognize and understand the user interface they are dealing with, the potential for cyber security threats increases as they are unable to respond in the correct way, or don’t understand how to prevent the threat, due to the language barrier.

By using a professional localization and translation team to translate websites, companies benefit from knowing that their foreign language-speaking website users will be able to confidently interact with, and navigate, their site – prompts, buttons, pages, and so on, will be in the right place and use the same format that other websites use for that language or region.

If users do not understand the commands or prompts on a site they may unwittingly install malicious software or download a virus.

Accurate website translation helps avoid these issues by ensuring that everything the user sees is as expected; the same principle applies to Apps or mobile devices.


The Importance of Human Translation

Microsoft Translator and Google Translate have vastly improved their translation accuracy over recent years, however, they are still no match for human translators.

Machine translation may be fine for holiday-makers trying to order food in restaurant, or for those learning a new language who want to read a story in a foreign-language newspaper, but for important texts, documents and websites, professional, human translation is the only way to ensure accuracy, cultural relevance and security.

Those propagating cyber-attacks often use the language barrier as a method of deceiving unsuspecting internet users through the hope that recipients will click a link, inadvertently, if they do not understand what they are reading.

Emails and attachments are often used a method for spreading viruses and it’s all too easy to click the wrong button if you do not understand the language.

Similarly, warnings that pop-up on websites, or web pages, might be ignored by users if they can’t understand the language, or it isn’t grammatically correct, so ensuring these warnings are accurately translated for foreign internet users is essential.


Cyber Security Experts and Translation

Language translation is also a vital tool in the sharing of information between cyber security experts and professionals who wish to convey information regarding potential threats to others in their field who do not speak their language.

Cyber security experts are located all around the globe, so the sharing of information on potential cyber threats could be hampered by the inability to communicate accurately and in a timely manner.

At Creative Word, our team of professional, native-language translators are also specialists in many other areas, including cyber security.

Through our sister companies (in Dubai and the UK) we offer translation and localization for all industries and many of our training courses can be translated to virtually any language.

Our cyber security course highlights topics such as:

• Cyber threats & crime

• Protecting information from threats

• Keeping client and the business information safe and secure

• Case examples

• Prevention & protection

• IT resilience

• Legal frameworks: International & local GCC laws


Translation Service Providers and Protecting Client Data

GDPR changes have altered the way we can store and share client’s data and we have a responsibility to ensure this information is held securely.

When using Creative Word for your translation projects you can rest assured we take security and privacy very seriously.

We often handle sensitive, private, legal and business information that is considered delicate or critical to our clients, and we regularly check our systems are the most up-to-date and secure that they can be.

Our translators are tried and trusted, with professional reputations that guarantee their expertise, honesty and reliability.

Businesses, organizations and government bodies around the world use Creative Word for their training and translation requirements so you can rest assured you will be in good hands.


If you would like to know more about how Creative Word can help with cyber security training courses please click here, and for translation or localization services, please click here.

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