Superlative Skills for Successful Entrepreneurs of the Future
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December 24, 2020
Superlative Skills for Successful Entrepreneurs of the Future
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January 24, 2021

Superlative Skills for Successful Entrepreneurs of the Future

Superlative Skills for Successful Entrepreneurs of the Future

The working world has changed dramatically over the last year; the Coronavirus (Covid-19) has affected all our lives leading to remote working practises, virtual meetings, restricted human contact, differing stress influences and the need to master a new set of skills for the future of work and entrepreneurial focus.

Institutionalised firms have folded, startups have stepped-up, and entrepreneurs have evolved.

The changing face of the world, and work, requires a change in skills in order to stay focused, face challenges, overcome setbacks and tackle new problems.

The superlative skills listed below are now vital for the successful entrepreneurs of the future…



2020 was a tough year and the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic are only just beginning to be felt in the business world. They are likely to be long-lasting, far-reaching and persistent.

Overcoming these consequences will take resilience, by the bucket-load!

For entrepreneurs, remaining resilient (especially through difficult times) is essential, as this skill is one which enables us to overcome failure and disappointment, and learn from our mistakes.

Individuals that display a resilient nature are often:

• Optimistic

• Confident

• Friendly

• Open

• Solution driven

• Self-aware

These attributes enable individuals to ‘bounce back’ from life’s difficulties and move forward with their goals in a resilient way.

For the entrepreneur, resilience ensures perseverance, consistency and reliability – key attributes for overcoming obstacles and finding solutions to problems.



The ability to remain focused is key to completing tasks, finding solutions, finishing a job, and succeeding in our endeavours.

Being focused means paying attention and remaining engaged until a task is finished.

Since the Civid-19 pandemic many more of us are working from home where there are new distractions that we wouldn’t find in the office such as, family, household chores, Netflix, the sports channel, and the biscuit tin.

While some of these distractions can be welcome at times (especially the biscuit tin) they can also cause us to lose focus, divert our thinking process, and disturb our motivation.

We literally can’t think properly without focus.

Learning to focus on the task at hand, staying engaged irrelevant of distractions, is vital for entrepreneurs who wish to be successful.



The best entrepreneurs often make inspirational leaders (think Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates) and are able to manage change, motivate others, and maximize potential.

They do this through mindfulness, or mental training, which allows them to capitalize on their skills, maintain their equilibrium and consider others.

There are many practices which can be utilized to encourage mindfulness such as,

• Be Considerate of others’ perspectives or opinions

• Breathe – take a break, slow your breathing and relax – even if only for a minute or two

• Be grateful – notice the little things and show appreciation

• Connect – with those around you on a more emotional basis

• Step back – don’t micromanage everyone, give yourself, and others, a break

• Lead by example – show others you are authentic by practising what you preach

Mindfulness gives entrepreneurs the techniques required to manage their work load without burnout, lead their workforce effectively, decrease their personal stress levels and remain clear, calm and confident, no matter what the world throws at them.

Entrepreneurs are likely to be at the forefront of the ‘new’ business landscape we find ourselves plunged into.

They will need the three skills above in order to face, and surmount, the differing challenges facing every business during these tough times.