August 18, 2021
Using the GROW Model to Coach 1 - E-Learning

Which Soft Skills are Vital in a Post-pandemic Business?

If we had been told a few years ago that there would be a seismic shift in virtually every industry which would lead us all to
August 11, 2021
Growing your Team to High Performance - E-Learning

Why is Now the Time to Invest in Training?

The business world has been turned on its head by the Covid-19 pandemic with its furlough schemes, work-from-home procedures, reduced turnover, lower production rates and travel
March 23, 2021
Leadership Styles and Qualities - E-Learning

Leadership Skills for Times of Crisis – Part 2

In part 1 of Leadership Skills in Time of Crisis, we looked at how, and why, the Covid-19 pandemic has altered the skills required by those