March 16, 2022
Communication for Trainee Lawyers

A Guide to Training and Professional Development for Lawyers

Training and professional development have always been utilized by lawyers but in today’s uber-competitive legal landscape, expanding your skills and knowledge is essential for advancing your
January 14, 2022
Civil Procedure Code

Three Traits of Top Lawyers

There are only so many (billable) hours in a lawyer’s day and with growing client expectations, the pressure to perform near-miracles can weigh heavily on legal
November 24, 2021
Developing Team Trust - E-Learning

An Introduction to Legal Project Management

Project management is no new thing – for decades, many large organisations have realized the importance project management principles play in planning, handling clients, solving problems,
September 12, 2018
Communication for Trainee Lawyers

Mindsets to Avoid if you want to Think Like a Leader

Within the legal profession the ability to lead successfully, by adapting to change quickly and without controversy, are essential qualities. However, most lawyers who find themselves