August 18, 2023
Essentials of Equality & Diversity - E-Learning

3 top tips for supporting your multilingual workforce

A multilingual workforce is rapidly becoming the norm, rather than the exception, in today’s global marketplace, but understanding how best to support such a diverse workplace
April 13, 2023
Managing Conflict - E-Learning

3 Effective Methods for Managing Workplace Conflict

Workplace conflict is probably more common than most organizations would like to admit and many of us have been affected by it at some point in
March 27, 2023
How to Make the Most of Your Legal Work Placements

Choosing the Right Training Provider for your Organization

Training often consumes a considerable portion of your organization’s budget, especially when you consider, on-boarding, continuing professional development, IT upgrades, or even industry expansion, so it
December 13, 2022
Improving Group Dynamics - E-Learning

Improving Group Dynamics in the Workplace

Effective group dynamics are vital for organizational productivity and success – if your team isn’t pulling in the same direction, there is little chance of them