May 24, 2021
Leadership Styles and Qualities - E-Learning

Remote Coaching and Mentoring – Quality Leadership from a Distance

The Covid-19 pandemic, with subsequent lockdowns and prolonged WFH guidelines, has, inevitably, changed the face of the mentoring and leadership. We can no longer monitor trainees
May 13, 2021
What is Supportive Leadership and How to Develop it?

What is Supportive Leadership and How to Develop it?

Leadership challenges have changed over the last year, since onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, and we must learn to adapt to these new circumstances in order
November 15, 2020
Giving and Receiving Feedback - E-Learning

How to Give and Receive Feedback Effectively

Giving and receiving feedback can be a fraught experience; if you are the one giving feedback then you can be concerned about coming across as too
December 24, 2019
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Training your Team on a Tight Budget

Every good company understands the benefits of corporate training, but if budgets need to tighten, it can often be one of the first areas chosen for