August 18, 2023
Essentials of Equality & Diversity - E-Learning

3 top tips for supporting your multilingual workforce

A multilingual workforce is rapidly becoming the norm, rather than the exception, in today’s global marketplace, but understanding how best to support such a diverse workplace
January 17, 2023
Coaching Skills - E-Learning

Key Principles of Effective Workplace Training

Understanding how people learn, develop, and retain information is essential for managers and leaders whose responsibility it is to ensure their team are getting the most
February 11, 2020
الوسائل البديلة لحل المنازعات

How Localizing E-Learning Benefits your Firm

Many workplaces are now multicultural organizations with staff from various backgrounds, cultures and countries who are likely to speak many different languages. A diverse workforce is
June 1, 2018
Lawyers and Personal Branding

Lawyers and Personal Branding

Every individual is unique – we all have our own personal branding, but it is likely that we haven’t defined it, or developed it, into an