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Teamwork and Productivity Improved Through DISC Profiling

DISC is a behaviour assessment tool based on the theory of psychologist William Moulton Marston who, in the 1920s, published a book called ‘Emotions of Normal People’ in which he suggested that people display emotions through four behaviour types.

These four types are:

D = Dominant (direct, demanding, competitive)

I = Influential (gregarious, outgoing, sociable)

S = Supportive (persistent, patient, sympathetic)

C = Compliant (conscientiousness, practical, procedural, precise)

DISC profiling has been shown to improve teamwork by assisting in identifying personal bias, individual reaction/action, and the ability to influence others so that people are more aware of themselves and can moderate, or adapt, their behaviour in order to work better with colleagues.


Benefits of DISC Profiling

The benefits of DISC profiling are multifaceted. Once an individual begins to have an awareness of how they behave in a given situation they are able to transfer these patterns onto others which can lead to greater understanding, empathy and compassion.

The main benefits of DISC profiling are:

• Reduction in conflict/misunderstanding

• Personal development

• Awareness of bias

• Cultural awareness

• Motivation (both personal and team orientated)

• Improved communication

• Improved relationships


How DISC Improves Workplace Relationships

DISC profiling within the workplace can be attained through training courses with approved providers and can assist with the following areas:

• Human Resources –when used as an additional tool in the interview process, DISC profiling can give an insight into how an individual might fit your company and team. It may help in preliminary stages alongside cognitive ability and aptitude tests.

Management/Progression – can be used successfully when considering a candidate’s career path, management training or performance data in a bid to assess eligibility for specific roles and for motivating, developing and training employees.

Conflict Resolution – can be improved (especially when DISC training is employed from the upper levels of management to the bottom) as once an individual comprehends their own behaviour they are also able to apply this learning to other’s behaviour. Conflict can be recognised in the early stages and by understanding the elements at play, gives a greater chance of reducing or resolving conflict.

• Awareness – DISC profiling allows individuals to become more self-aware which means they can learn to identify their strengths and weakness. This information can be used to engage training where needed, or to pair personality types in a bid to balance teams.


How DISC profiling can Improve Productivity

We’ve already covered aspects of teamwork which are likely to improve through the application of DISC profiling, and it is also possible that these improvements will increase productivity for teams within your company.

However, DISC profiling and training can also improve productivity in the following ways:

• Sales – learning how to adapt your sales technique based on DISC profiling can lead to improved communication and greater understanding of clients’ requirements, which can improve selling strategies and opportunities.

• Negotiation – understanding when there is a need to lead, and similarly, when to be compliant, is a key factor in negotiating. In order to be influential you must be aware of tone, nuance, and body language within every communication so that you can adjust your behaviour to suit the personality types around you.

Possessing a greater awareness of self, and understanding how to effectively manage relationships through use of DISC profiling, is essential for successful business procedures in today’s modern world.

Cultural awareness, understanding personal bias, and overcoming conflict are key areas for global business aiming to thrive in a competitive environment. If your employees are given the tools to flourish, they will naturally improve working relationships and productivity, which leads to happier clients and more business.

If you would like expert advice on selecting the right DISC training course for your team, or would like to discuss other courses available, please contact us.

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