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September 3, 2020
The Value of Training and Professional Development
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September 27, 2020

The Value of Training and Professional Development

The Value of Training and Professional Development

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Training is vital for every company, especially in the current financial climate which necessitates high employee performance and production, exceptional customer service, and high staff retention, while keeping costs to a minimum!

Training offers the best opportunity to develop employees’ knowledge base, increase productivity, advance team dynamics and improve customer service and satisfaction – all of which have been proven to contribute to an increase in returns.


The Benefits of Training and Development

The following points highlight just a some of the benefits that are gained from employee training and professional development programmes that are operated in partnership with an expert training provider.

• Staff Retention – investing in your staff, by providing effective, relevant and engaging training, shows that you have a vested interest in their future. Employees that feel valued and appreciated by their employer are more inclined to stay with them in the long-term. Training is far cheaper that replacing lost talent.

• Employee Satisfaction – linked to high staff retention is high employee satisfaction. Training has been shown to have a positive effect on staff morale and encourages a supportive ethos throughout the company, creating happy, secure and mindful teams.

• Customer Satisfaction – it is well known that employees who are happy in their job pass this satisfaction and knowledge onto customers. Happy customers lead to increased brand endorsement, higher sales and repeat business.

• Consistent Procedure and Policy – training often takes the form of teaching company policy so that employees are all working to the same standard. However, it can also give consistency in areas such as, customer service, coaching and mentoring, leadership, conflict resolution or diversity and inclusion.

• Employee Performance – performing tasks to the best of our ability is easier if we understand exactly what is required, and how to achieve it. Employees that have undertaken training will have a better understanding of their responsibilities, be more confident in their ability and actions, and will thrive as part of a team or working autonomously.

• Innovation and Creativity – these are vital in an organization that wants to get ahead of its competitors. Trained employees are more confident, innovative and creative. They are inspired by well-trained leaders who know how to get the most from their team and encouraged to aim higher taking educated risks.

• Company Reputation – a progressive company that invests in its people will gain a good reputation among graduates and potential new talent. Attracting the best in your field means ensuring your firm offers paths for progression, professional development and personal growth.

• Future Investment – training your employees today means you are investing in your leadership of tomorrow. Encouraging cultural awareness, creating resilient leaders and promoting team dynamics are sound investments for the future of your firm.


Training and professional development programmes work best when they are relevant, engaging and effective.

At Creative Word Training we work with highly skilled trainers to create courses that offer appealing and pertinent content in areas such as, IT, soft skills, cultural awareness and Finance and Compliance.

If you would like to discuss course options with a member of our team, please contact us.