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Top 3 Benefits of eLearning within the Workplace
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Top 3 Benefits of eLearning within the Workplace

Introduction to Legal Technology

As the world attempts to return to normality after the Covid-19 pandemic and offices begin to reopen to their workforce, we’d like to take a look at some of the benefits of eLearning in the workplace and ensure that your firm is making the most of its training opportunities.



1. Attract the Best Employees

Today’s employees expect their workplace to offer relevant, engaging and targeted learning. In fact, the modern employee actively seeks out organizations with learning and development opportunities to ensure their learning continues to progress.

A recent poll by Statista, shows that the average spent worldwide on employee learning and development rose 20% from 2018 to 2019 and is currently around US$1308.

Attracting the best, most highly-educated employees, means offering excellent workplace learning and development programmes, and ensuring that learning is accessible, especially through eLearning options and when working remotely.

Another global study, conducted in 2021, showed that employees:
“believed learning is a key to success in their career. When looking at different age groups, 76 percent of respondents belonging to gen Z believed learning is key to success. The share of respondents who believed so was lower for older employees.”

Younger employees expect their organization to offer training and development opportunities related to their role within the organization and that gives them the chance to grow and progress in their career.

Ensure your organization is offering the best training solutions to employees by contacting a member of the Creative Word Training team who can advise you on bespoke, eLearning, or classroom-based courses currently available.


2. ELearning is Always Available

Another benefit to eLearning in the workplace is that it is always available.

Employees can access eLearning courses at home, work, while commuting or whenever best fits their schedule.

Digital learning is accessible to anyone, anywhere.

It can also be accessed at any time, so learners can make the most of their time, and can complete courses within a time frame that suits their individual needs.

ELearning courses are user-friendly, allowing for personally tailored access and advancement, and time-scales for completion.

Demand for quality eLearning is increasing year on year (especially since the Covid-19 pandemic) and users are primarily seeking microlearning, mobile learning, social learning and corporate MOOCs options.

The increased demand means there are more options available to users but firms must ensure quality, above quantity, if they want to benefit from their employees’ learning journey.

At Creative Word Training, many of our courses are accredited and we offer an extensive range of subjects from Legal courses to Soft Skills.



3. ELearning Results are Measurable

Many organizations offer training and development programmes but not all of them monitor the results.

ELearning offers learners an easy way to monitor their own progress and also gives firms the chance to assess outcomes, engagement, development, accessibility, and so on.

Organizations can monitor individual learning journeys, track comments, check completion rates, and then adapt courses as required or localise content for a more beneficial result.

Digital learning with analytics gives a comprehensive view of eLearning, ensuring stakeholders can see results, and targets are achieved.

Effective, quality eLearning is available and is hugely beneficial to organizations and their employees.

It can be an asset to your business, encouraging new talent, improving ‘on the job’ results, and empowering employees to higher levels of workplace competency.


So, whether you’re looking to improve your employees’ soft skills, ensure inclusivity and diversity within the workplace, or train exceptional leaders, we can help.

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