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Top Tips for Selecting a Training Provider

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At some point, most businesses need to employ the services of a training provider in order to advance their employees’ professional development, or teach a new set of soft skills relevant to ever evolving workplaces, but there can often be a vast difference in the level of quality from training providers, so selecting one that suits your requirements, while offering good quality courses that are accessible through a variety of learning platforms, can be difficult.

This blog will share a few of our top tips for selecting a training provider so you can be sure of the success of your employees, and your business.


1. Industry Specialism and Training

This is first on the list for a good reason – if your selected training provider doesn’t have a working knowledge of your industry how can they direct training to the specific needs of your staff and business?

The answer is, they can’t.

If your business is a law firm looking for training within the UAE for instance, then choosing a training provider in the Middle East who specialises in legal training, will help guarantee quality, improve trainees’ chance of success, and will allow for continued progression through a wide range of legal training courses.

Likewise, if you want to improve your employees’ soft skills in areas such as, cultural awareness or management and leadership, then select a training provider who has lots of experience in this area and who also understands your industry.

Trainees are more likely to engage with training if they can relate it to their day-to-day work, while your training provider’s knowledge of industry strategies, challenges and business models will ensure training can be targeted to your needs.


2. Customized Training

Customizing training to the specific needs of the participants means more effective learning for trainees and deeper engagement at all levels.

Customizing role plays, scenarios, case studies and terminology during training courses will give trainees the ability to test their knowledge in a safe environment before trying it in workplace which increases confidence, improves performance and intensifies learning.


3. Varied Learning Channels

Understanding that we don’t all learn in the same way is another element that should be considered when selecting the right training provider for your employees.

Some people will prefer to learn in a classroom with others who they can interact with, and work alongside, as a method for increasing their own understanding. However, there are also people who prefer to learn on a more individual level through options such as, e-learning, webinars, online modules, and so on.

Choose a training provider that can offer various options for training courses so that your staff can learn at their own pace, in a way that suits them, is key to improved success rates.


4. Measuring Progress within a Learning Journey

The whole point of training is to improve.

If you can’t measure the results of the training you offer your staff, then you will have no idea if it is beneficial to your firm, or the individuals who work for you.

A good quality training provider should help you to track learners’ progress over time, ensuring that there are clear learning objectives, and that these are met, and maintained, over a period of time.

Similarly, training providers that offer pre and post training components to their courses tend to show improved, lasting results as effective learning needs to be reinforced and revisited.

Pre-training components might include asking participants to prepare for classroom tasks or undertake some research on a particular topic, while post-training components might include follow-up sessions or questionnaires.


If you would like to discuss your particular training requirements with the experts here at Creative Word Training, please contact us.