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Training Opportunity with Expo 2020 Academy

The Expo 2020 Academy are offering a unique training opportunity to UAE National graduates by giving them the chance to take part in a fast-track management programme.

The programme offers training for individuals, aged 18-35, to become highly-talented professionals capable of leading, managing and delivering mega events, such as Dubai Expo 2020.

The fast-track programme is delivered over six intensive weeks of training, which then leads to placement in entry level operation and management roles. During this time, the Academy participants will learn on-the-job experience.

Once they have graduated, participants will assist in the delivery, leadership and day-to-day operation of Expo 2020.

Eligibility for the Expo 2020 Academy is as follows:

• UAE Nationals

• Aged 18-35

• High school graduates

• Diploma or Bachelor Degree

• Applicants must have completed their National Service

• Applicants must have a strong command of the English Language

• No previous experience is required


Registration opens next month (June 2019), however, there are only 350 places available, so competition for the highly-prized places is likely to be tough.

The Academy hopes that those who complete the training and work experience will go on to “use this experience in the future to benefit both themselves and the UAE”.

By offering strong learning foundations, with in-depth knowledge and international exposure, alongside transferable technical skills which will help with future career prospects, all the participants look set to gain immeasurable experience, and valuable insights, into the organisation of mega events and the leadership skills required to ensure such events stay on track and are successful.

Expo 2020 runs from October 20th 2020 until April 10th 2021, and is expected to receive 25,000,000 visitors over this time.

The site covers an area of over 400 hectares, in the Dubai South District, near Al Maktoum International Airport.

The theme for Expo 2020 Dubai is ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, with this being divided into three sub-themes: Mobility, Sustainability, and Opportunity.

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