VAT Courses: In Collaboration with the Dubai College of Tourism



We are finally “live” with VAT rules within the UAE and there are still a number of challenges faced by firms across all sectors where VAT is applicable. Creative Word in collaboration with the Dubai College of Tourism, has developed a programme to support hotels, travel agents and tour operators in their “Business As Usual” operations across VAT.

VAT for Hospitality

We are offering a series of 2-8 hour workshops to cover the implementation challenges of VAT. The workshops will deep dive with practical case studies focussing on the Hotels, Travel Agents and Tour Operator sectors. The aim is to allow the hospitality industry to ensure their implementation and remediation efforts are ongoing and they do not suffer through increased costs as a result of inefficient processes, inaccurate VAT accountability.

For example:

You may have registered for VAT, however have you implemented a series of in company policies to ensure you define the scope of those accountable and responsible for VAT processes within your Hotel?

Have you ensured you have conducted a trial run VAT return and then internally audited that to prove accuracy?

Have you costed what the underlying processes, resource effort, audit and assurance is costing your Hotel?

The workshops can be run in-house or at the DCTM training rooms and we ensure they are tailored to the clients’ requests.

VAT for Hospitality

Level 1:

We still offer the level 1 course also which can be used for awareness across all levels of your organization.

The general course is an introductory level course aiming to provide VAT knowledge.

Level 2:

Now that we are in remediation this is where the real value can be gained. Your finance and operations staff can attend a half day masterclass where we look at a VAT return journey across a number of case studies.

The masterclass is seen as an intermediate course that focuses on each specific industry sector.

Level 3:

The extended course is the advanced 1-day course to provide delegates with the knowledge of implementation and management of VAT within the three sectors that we focus on.